#30 The Arabic Bible in The Journal of Eastern Christian Studies 70, 2018, 1-2


Proud to announce the first issue of the 70th volume of The Journal of Eastern Christian Studies. This issue includes five highly interesting and timely articles on the history of the Arabic Bible in the Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions of the Middle East, written by Arik Sadan, Juan Pedro Monferrer-Sala, David Thomas, Ute Pietruschka and Sarah Schultess. Schultess, with Herman Teule and Joseph Verheyden, acted as the editors of the thematic volume. The authors delve into the early Jewish Arabic translations of the Bible, the important New Testament Arabic manuscripts (Vaticanus Arabicus 13), the role of the Bible in early Kalam and a lot more, underlinging the profound interactions and mutual influences between the theological and filological traditions of these three religious traditions in their Arabic context. Much recommended!

We’ve also caught up with reviewing, and the issue includes twenty pages of reviews covering a broad range of subjects concerning both Eastern and Oriental Orthodoxy and a wide geographical area; here I mention just a few of the titles that are relevant to the study of Middle Eastern Christianity:

Sebastian Brock (ed./tr.), The Martyrs of Mount Ber`ain (2014), Kyle Smith (ed/tr.), The Martyrdom and History of Blessed Simeon Bar Sabba`e (2014), Joseph Nasrallah & Rachid Haddad, Histoire du mouvement littéraire dans l’Eglise melchite du Ve aux IXIe siècle (2016), Vasile-Octavian Mihoc, Christliche Bilderverehrung im Kontext Islamischer Bilderlosigkeit (2017), Gianmaria Gianazza (intr/tr.), Saliba ibn Yuhanna al-Mawsili, I libri dei Misteri (kitab asfar al-asrar) (2017), Heather J. Sharkey, A History of Muslims, Christians, and Jews in the Middle East (2017), Edward G. Mathews Jr (tr.), On This Day. The Armenian Church Synaxarion (Yaysmawurk`) (3 vols.: 2014-2016), Martin Tamcke (ed.), ‘Das ist mehr als ein Beitrag zur Völkerverständigung’. Zur Geschichte und Rezeption des Völkermordes and der Armeniern (2016), Stephen H. Rapp Jr., The Sasanian World through Georgian Eyes: Caucasia and the Iranian Commonwealth in Late Antique Georgian Literature (2014), Fadi Hindi, L’identité des maronites et leur rôle dans l’etablissement du Liban modern selon Youakim Moubarak (2016), Christine Chaillot (ed), The Dialogue between the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches (2016).

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