#9 Full-color Scriptures

In my recently published book Scribes and Scriptures: The Church of the East in the Eastern Ottoman Provinces, 1500-1850 (Peeters), no photographs, full-color or otherwise, were included. Perhaps the most beautiful manuscript that I encountered during my research was an illustrated Gospel Lectionary that is kept in the patriarchal library of Jerusalem. A few pictures might… Continue reading #9 Full-color Scriptures

#8 Bread from Stones: humanitarianism’s impossible task

Keith David Watenpaugh, Bread from Stones: The Middle East and the Making of Modern Humanitarianism (Oakland, CA: CUP, 2015) Although the research and writing of Watenpaugh’s book was started before the current humanitarian crisis in the Middle East broke out, in more ways than one it can be read as one long investigative commentary on… Continue reading #8 Bread from Stones: humanitarianism’s impossible task