#9 Full-color Scriptures

Opening page ©MvdB
Opening page ©MvdB

In my recently published book Scribes and Scriptures: The Church of the East in the Eastern Ottoman Provinces, 1500-1850 (Peeters), no photographs, full-color or otherwise, were included. Perhaps the most beautiful manuscript that I encountered during my research was an illustrated Gospel Lectionary that is kept in the patriarchal library of Jerusalem. A few pictures might give you the look and feel of it. It was produced in Alqosh (north of Mosul, northern Iraq), in 1679, and intended for the ‘Church in Jerusalem’ – where, in one way or another, it clearly ended up, now under the name Jer. Syr 1, Gospel Lectionary (Greek Patriarchate Library). The manuscript was written by perhaps the most prolific scribe of his generation, Qasha (‘priest’) Giwargis, son of the deceased Qasha Israel, son of Qasha Hormizd, son of Qasha Israel Alqoshaya.

Cross - carpet page ©MvdB
Cross – carpet page ©MvdB
Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem ©MvdB
Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem ©MvdB
Scribe's: 'pray for me' ©MvdB
Scribe: ‘pray for me’ ©MvdB
Thomas, Jesus and Peter ©MvdB
Thomas, Jesus and Peter ©MvdB
Cross with lamps; text: 'in you we crush our enemies'  ©MvdB
Cross with lamps; text: ‘in you we crush our enemies’  ©MvdB

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